About Newell Instruments

Newell Instruments was founded in 1997 in Urbana, Illinois. The company’s primary work revolved around customized electronic concentration sensors using a patented technology licensed from the University of Illinois. Since then, Newell Instruments has greatly expanded it activities, but continues to develop and manufacture electronic concentration sensors for refrigeration and air conditioning industry research.

Newell Instruments’ expertise spans energy conversion, air conditioning, refrigeration, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, controls and instrumentation, solar energy, and building technology that has resulted in a broad range of project activities and clients.

Projects include investigations of high performance enhanced heat transfer surfaces; design, simulation and prototype testing of novel processes and systems; and energy and performance assessment of existing products. Newell Instruments’ familiarity with many industries allows us to provide our clients with unique ideas and perspectives to assess and improve their products.

Who are our clients? Maintaining confidentiality and protecting their IP is an essential aspect of our work. We contract with multinational corporations whose products you use everyday as well as small consulting firms to solve a single problem. Overall, our goal is to create solutions that improve the quality of life, while reducing our impact on the world.