Heat Transfer Enhancement

One of our fields of concentration is enhanced heat transfer. We have developed a specialized two-phase flow facility that allows us to operate a variety of refrigerants over a broad range of mass flows, qualities and saturation conditions in either condensation or evaporation conditions.

We have measured the heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics of countless advanced heat transfer enhancement surfaces in tubes, microchannels (also called mini-channels) and plate exchangers. Our specially developed test section preparation techniques allow us to detect and measure localized effects such as dryout.

We also perform overall heat exchanger performance tests, determining the capacity and pressure drop under dry and wet conditions. Often, these test require customized test facilities in order to configure a heat exchanger in a manner that replicates its actual placement and usage.

Many of our projects are one time, specialized projects in which standard industry tests are unable to dissect and reveal the desired results. Contact us to find out how we can help develop the ideas, techniques, and analyses your problem requires.